Scrip is a nationally recognized fundraising program. SCRIP is a gift certificate or gift card that can be used for your regular shopping at participating stores, restaurants and other merchants. As a result, your family benefits by 1.25% – 18% of the value of the SCRIP purchase. The advantage of SCRIP is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work without spending a single additional penny.

Scrip may be used for everyday expenses like:

  • Groceries
  • Gasoline
  • Clothing
  • Restaurants
  • Household Needs

Scrip is offered by hundreds of local and national retailers—where most of you already shop.

Scrip "In-House" Cards

Gift cards to a few local retailers are available to you through the school office. To purchase these you need to complete the online registration, fill out the order form   and send with payment into the school. Orders can be picked up Mondays through Friday from 7:30-3:30 or they can be sent home with your child any day of the week. Please mark envelopes clearly with "SCRIP IN-HOUSE" so we know to attend to it that day.

Retailers available through the In-House program are:

  • GIANT EAGLE – earns a 4% rebate. Gift cards can be used to buy gift cards at Giant Eagle and you also will then earn Gas Perks.
  • ACME – earns a 4% rebate. Can also use to purchase gift cards from Acme and earn Gas Perks.
  • KOHL'S – earns 4% rebate. Can use the cards to make payment on your Kohl's credit card.
  • BUEHLERS - earns 4% rebate. Can use to purchase gift cards, as well.

****Remember: Even if you only want to purchase the In-House cards, you still must complete the online registration. We cannot accept In-House orders if you are not registered.

Registering with SCRIP

1.    Visit and in the green “Family Sign Up!” box, click on "Create                    Account."
2.    Fill in the required fields:
      a.    If you are a family that donates their rebates to another family, you must create your own account with the other family's name added behind yours in the Last Name field (ex: Smith/Jones).

     b.    In the Student Name field, add your student's name/room # if you would like the order sent                home with them through school.

      c.    In the Teacher Name field, please type in which school's tuition your rebate will be going                    toward such as "St. Michael School" or "Central Catholic."
3.    Once you click "I Accept" you will be asked to join a Non-Profit by entering an Enrollment Code.        The code for St. Michael School is: 1746422L4L93 (This is case sensitive).
4.    You have now created your account and will have access to the User Guide, answers to                    questions you may have, and will be able to begin ordering online.

Payment Options

This allows you to automatically pay for your order online by debiting your checking account. A $.15 charge is applied.
A check for your online order is accepted and must sent into the school office by 9:00 Friday Morning.


Please do not hesitate to contact the school office with questions.